Whatever your need – we have it covered

The answer to this question depends to a great degree on what you, the client regards as important.

We wouldn’t even begin to suggest that we are unique in any single aspect of our operation. There are sound companies who can offer the same technology. Some can provide a high standard of support crew. Others will no doubt attach meticulous attention to preperation and maintenance to ensure perfect results from the off.

We offer a perfect marriage of all these essentials without any exclusions, in an exceptionally cost effective package – we still care. Most importantly – we are still enthusiasts. To us, there is no greater thrill than a job well done.

We are proud to be users of L.Acoustics loudspeaker enclosures and system peripherals. This technology has made all other systems manufacturers and users sit up and take notice.

We were the UK’s first totally committed L.Acoustics users over 20 years ago when we recognised the stunning advances in audio developed by L.Acoustics and adopted their systems. Many other speaker system manufacturers have followed the L.acoustics example but none have succeeded in matching the exceptional performace of L.Acoustics systems.

It is safe to say, that we are acknowledged as being the UK’s most informed and experienced users of L.Acoustics systems, large and small. We’ve had enormous success in negating the sound engineers worst enemy – poor acoustics, and the outdoor promoters greatest issue – sound leakage. Our aim is to ensure an even coverage of volume and frequency response, ensuring the sound engineer’s peace of mind and the audiences enjoyment.

As L.Acoustic K series and V.DOSC network partners, we are acknowledged as one of a very select group of audio specialists.

Our expertise is your guarantee of a faultless audio performance.

To provide excellence in audio production, we have a well developed regime of updating and upgrading all control systems, mixing consoles and audio peripherals, to ensure that we are in step with rapidly developing cutting edge technology.

Whether it be for a open air festival, Arena sound system, club or theatre, corporate presentation or permanent installation – get in touch – you will be surprised at the result.

“Great service, great equipment and excellent support. What more could you want?